Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Futsal: This Thursday!

Hey guys!

English slot is making another outing with its members. This time, we're playing futsal! Here are the details:

Time: 9-11 (We can discuss later, play 2 or 3 hours depending on the number of participants)
Date: 12/3/09 (this Thursday)
Venue: Futsal next to Old town
Price: RM15 per hour

Here are the list of DJs that will be participating:
Nicky, Hahn, DD, V, Nabs, K3V, Blind, NJ, Hitch, Rakan, Zee, Wayne, Sparky, Shez, Amz

Interested? Drop a message to Mumble by tonight!

C'mon guys! Don't be such spoil sports and join in the fun! We need as many players as we can (and possibly Cheerleaders, too!)

See you guys, Thursday!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hey guys! Long time no update!

Double D forwarded a message to everyone on YM! I just wanna make sure that everyone gets reads it.

We need two emcees for an event with JACTIM and another official event. Here are the details.

1) JACTIM (2 emcees):
Date: 4th March 2009 Wednesday
Time: 9am - 11.30am
Venue: MPH

2) An official event (the MP of Serdang will come as VIP) 
Rehearsal: 27th February 2009 Friday
Event: 2nd March 2009 Monday
Time: 9am -11am
Venue: to be confirm

This is a great opportunity to be recognise. Hence, clubs will
want you to emcee their events.

Note from Double D: As always, you will get an exemption letter :)

If you're interested, contact Double D a.s.a.p.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On-Air Schedule (For Trimester 2)

(For Trimester 2)
4PM-5PM Across the Universe
with Rakan and DPM.
5PM-6PM Indonesia Sore
with Evl and Miri.
6PM-7PM Kickin' Sports
with Jerms, Fatty and Chou.
7PM-8PM Movies Extravaganza
with Njay, Anne and Mumble.
8PM-9PM Rap & RnB Yo!
with Kafil and DPM.
9PM-10PM Top 10 RMMU Hits
Dexter, Hitch and K3V.
10PM-11PM He Says, She Says
with Michy, Hamady and YY.
11PM-12AM "Rock Your Head!" Show
with Blind, Zeth and V.
12AM-1AM Retro Rewind.
with Montox and Sly.
4PM-5PM JobsBroadway.com
with Fuse.

5PM-6PM Geeks Reunite!!! (Games & IT)
with Stone, Octopus and Ice.

6PM-7PM Relationship Cruisers
with Phat, Ash and V.

7PM-8PM The Indie Show
with Lulu, OJ and Erora.

8PM-9PM The Top 10 Songs in a Certain Scenario.
with The Wuteva Crew (Double D, Hahn and Sparky)

9PM-10PM The Top 10 Songs in a Certain Scenario.
with Those Darn DJs (Shez, Punk and Shorty)

10PM-11PM Gossip Session
with The Awesomeness (Bondiva, Nabz and Ice)

11PM-12AM Kebuchi-Kebuchi Kebawow
with Melon, Bomb and Drew.

12AM-1AM Dance Your @$$ Off
with Steve, Mon and Zee.
For more description regarding the shows, go to the Official RMMU website.
(Note from author: I'll fix the bug later! Sorry!)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Announcement from the English Slot Manager.

Alright guys, an important announcemnt from Double D.

"Guys, I have an emergency and I need to go back home. Won't be back till further notice. So stick with the plans in the meeting."

Lets work together and make him proud people. (:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On-Air DJs Results!


Twenty-five people have made it in the list of DJs. Dude, that's a lot! Without further rambling, here are the list of people who have succesfully made it to the list!
  1. Hamady
  2. Mumble
  3. Rakan
  4. Hitch
  5. How
  6. Era
  7. Evl
  8. Dexter
  9. Stone
  10. V
  11. Octopus
  12. Mon
  13. OJ
  14. Erora
  15. Fatty
  16. Chou
  17. Lulu
  18. Bondiva
  19. Nabz
  20. Drew
  21. Zee
  22. Miri
  23. K3v
  24. Genie
  25. Ice
Congratulations to those who got in (bloody hell, I'm not on the list! *frowns*)! For those who didn't make it, fret not, you're still apart of our English Slot family! Give yourselves a pat on the back for your great effort! Your seniors are very proud. (:

Anyway, don't forget our meeting on Thursday, aye? See you soon, people!


First Meeting of Trimester 2.

Kay guys, first meeting of the trimester this Thursday! Jot it down on the calander, or on your forehead, backwards (so you can read it when you look in the mirror) or something, just in case you might forget!

DATE: 14th November 2008.
DAY: Thursday.
TIME: 8PM -10PM.
1) On-air schedule
2) Plans for 2nd sem
3) RMMU carnival concert performance
4) On-air show program
5) Music sharing session
6) Outing

REMINDER: Please bring along your class schedules, and as always, DON'T BE LATE. (:

I'll be posting the results for the on-air DJs soon. Get ready, people!


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Trimester 2.

English Slot Fact #61: The Earth is neither round or square. It is oval.


Hey guys!

The holidays are coming to an end and as relieved as I am (it was bloody boring), I'm not too keen on classes. But, I am looking forward to see all of you again. I miss you guys so much!

So I decided to change the layout a bit; white is too boring for my taste. I wanted to change it to a custom-made XML template originally but I changed my mind. I can't be bothered to go through HTML just to change one thing. *Rolls eyes*. 

Anyway, enough of the rambling. So we all know what will happen with the coming of the new trimester; THE RESULTS FOR THE ON-AIR DJS WILL BE OUT SOON. *Dramatic music in the background* Just wanted to say that everyone gave their best effort and I am proud of all of you for giving your best shot! So give yourselves a pat on the back. ;)

If you haven't received the forwarded message from Double D on YM! He stated that we will be having our next meeting, soon! Here are the details (don't forget to jot it down!):

DATE: 13th November 2008.
DAY: Thursday.
VENUE: To be confirmed.
1) On-air schedule
2) Plans for 2nd sem
3) RMMU carnival concert performance
4) On-air show program
5) Music sharing session
6) Outing

REMINDER: Please bring along your class schedules, and as always, DON'T BE LATE. (:

That's all for the updates. I'll see you guys soon! Have a nice remaining holiday. (: